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Here you will find tips on how to prepare your Scrap for the best price before presenting them at our depot

Preparing Scrap Cars for dropoff:

We do accept cars for recycling.

Widely known as (EOL) end of life cars. If you are able, we always encourage other options first, possibly selling you're car privatley?

If you have exhausted all options then by all means car/s can be brought to our Cairns facility. We are open Monday to Friday 7:30 - 4:00 

  • They must not have a LPG tank
  • Must not contain rubbish of any kind, including extra tyres.
  • We may be able to make arrangments for you car to be picked up.

We can pay cash or setup an account for your scrap cars aswell. We wont be beaten on price from a Cairns Competitors Quote (conditions apply) 

  • You must be the owner of the car or had permission from the owner
  • Bring current photo ID (Drivers Licence)
  • You do not need to drain any fluids. (We have full enviromental recovery practises at our facilty before we recycle every vehicle)
  • Make sure you have taken all you're personal belongings, important paperwork and number plates if you wish.

Cant drop your car off to us?

  •  we'll come pick up your car for FREE (conditions apply)
  •  we can pay you cash for your car on the spot.
  •  you must be the owner of the vehicle and have your drivers licience ready for the driver
  •  the car must be easily accesable 
  •  the car must be in a suitable state to travel on our truck 
  •  same rules apply as above
  •  give our office a call to see if you are eligible  

How to best prepare your steel for drop off:

Steel is a tonnage commodity.

The more you have, the greater the chances we are able to pay the best possible price per ton.

We can accept anything metal from 1 kg to 1000 tonnes.

We have public drop off bins for small quantities and excavators, forklifts and electro magnets for larger quantities.

We are an industrial workplace. We can provide, Hi Vis clothing and PPE after a safety induction. We ask you bring covered footwear, photo ID and or ABN.

Anything metal is completly acceptable:

What is not acceptable:

  • NO rubber, wood, plastic, non metallic refuse of any kind.
  • NO pressure vessels (LPG tanks)
  • NO fluids (Oil, Fuel, Hydraulic)
  • NO poisons corrosives, CFC's or asbestos.
  • NO fridges/whitegoods 
  • NO air conditioners unless they have been professionally de-gased


How to prepare your Non Ferrous for drop off:

The list of metals in this category is extensive and can have many grades within certain products. We usually pay these metals by the Kilogram.

The best advise we can give is to prepare as best you can. Value add where you can.

The more work you can do or the less work we need to do to prepare and process means we can pay more.

(Was once told many years ago. "He who doe's the work gets the $$")

  • Have different products seperated. (copper from aluminium) Although never an issue. It does make it difficult to pay top dollar when for eg: (ute full of 16 different products all mixed together)
  • Take out any steel products (Steel screws from Aluminium) (Steel componets from brass fittings)
  • Seperate the different grades (Bright, Bare, Burnt copper)  (Clean sheet from extrustion) 
  • Value add. (Seperate brass ends from copper) (remove electrical tape from copper)
  • You will need covered footwear, photo ID and or ABN.
  • We can still purchase items without an ABN (Government regulations apply)


If you can come in and see us. We can visually sight you're product, give pricing and or recomendations. You can also phone us and we can explain and help out as best we possibly can before you come in.