YES WE ARE OPEN. But with the requirements and expectations on all of us in regards to slowing the spread of the corona virus we have put in place extra measures to ensure reduced contact to any persons entering and leaving our site. It is our aim to continue business as normally as possible during this difficult time.

Understandably changes have been made that are outside normal procedures or what customers have been used to in the past, so please follow staff directions at all times. We trust that all customers heed the medical advice given to date.

Please be aware that social distancing inside our operation is in full affect. We are currently enforcing at least 1.5m of separation between staff and customers at all times as like anywhere else.

Bulk scrap can be delivered as per normal in tippers, or larger sized bins and trucks where it can be tipped out with the driver inside the vehicle or in isolation. All other scrap is to be supplied in bins, drums, on pallets or in a container that can be removed by forklift.

Please try your best not deliver loose scrap that needs to be removed from vehicles by hand. Where this is not possible do not leave your vehicle and wait for staff instructions. In this situation please be aware we will be heavily enforcing face masks, maximum separation between staff and customers and restrictions to movement and numbers of people in the depot.

To recap. WE ARE OPEN. We are still and have never stopped buying. We will let you know asap if there is any change at all. looking forwward to serving you on 2022.